3M 8511 Respirator N95

Covid-19. That single word has the power to strike unease in the heart of even the calmest person. The disease is deadly, can lurk in a body until it makes its presence known and the majority of people are unprepared to deal with it on any kind of serious level.

The disease is unpredictable and you can’t afford to be unprepared. Your life and the life of your loved ones depend on preparation. It’s wise to start your preparation by having face masks on hand.

And you don’t want any of those low quality ones that allow droplets of moisture from an infected person to get around the seal. You need something like the N95 masks.

The 3M 8511 Particulate N95 Respirator with Valve is made by a company that knows how to deal with contaminants. You can cut your risk of exposure to the Ebola virus by wearing one of these.

Ordinary masks won’t do it because these respirator masks have a higher protection standard and can protect you in a way that dust filter masks can’t. You want a mask like this one that has a respirator valve.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has given the nod of approval for this mask. That means that this product was tested for its efficiency and showed an excellence in its ability to protect the people who wear it.

It’s specifically designed to protect people from particles that get into the air. This is an important factor because if someone with the Ebola virus sneezes or coughs – or even spews vomit everywhere, those particles hang in the air, suspended.

The unknowing person walking behind them, even if it’s not a close distance, passes through the same area and inhales those unseen particles and then the virus continues to spread.

The features with this mask are designed for comfort as well as safety. The mask keeps moisture and heat at bay so you’re protected against fogging like you get with some cheaper masks.

It has the bendable nose piece so users can be assured of a customized fit. The straps with this one don’t tangle so you can put it on and take it off easily. These masks come in a pack of ten, so stock up before there’s a run on the supply.