Prepper Plans for Building a Home

Families who begin preparing for chaos and disaster (or even self reliance) can prepare a home on any end of the spectrum – from a crude bunker that’s just enough to protect you from immediate harm, to a lavish homestead that anyone would love to live in even during normal times.

Safe rooms are becoming more popular in everyday houses, but some preppers take the safe room mentality and turn it into an entire safe house option. Every room is built like a safe room – protecting you from intruders, weather, and offering plenty of room for storage of supplies.

You can have an above-the-ground homestead or have one build below ground, kind of like a basement – only the entire design is built underground, offering more protection due to the fact that it’s cloaked a bit better.

You can build small cabins out in the woods, or full on hard to enter shelters. The key is to find a property that provides the best options for you as a prepper. You want something that’s easy to access for you, but not so easy for others to locate.

Ideally, it will be near a city, but not right in it – giving you enough space to live freely without intruders. You also want it to have great soil for growing foods and if possible, its own water supply.

There are some communities springing up where you can buy land and live with other preppers. The home plans will be up to you. In addition to having plenty of room for your family and storage room for supplies, you’ll also want to build other structures on your property.

A chicken coop is a popular item for preppers, and some families even have a rabbit coop. You may also want to build an entire barn if you’re going to house dairy cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. Some families even build a smoke house to prepare and store meats.

A greenhouse may come in handy if you plan to grow foods outside year round. You can have small ones or large ones. Of course you have to plan properly so that your property has enough room for all of your structures.

You can get free plans for building all of these items online, or you can have a builder customize a plan that works best for you and your family. If you’re going to make this your permanent residence, then you may want to go that route so that it’s exactly how you want it to be.