Why Do We Witness The Wanton Destruction & Mob Rule Nowadays?

For over a month, the nation has been treated to the spectacle of a massive temper tantrum by those on the extreme left, and the coddling of those destroyers by leftist politicians.

I’m not talking about the legitimate demonstrations that have been going on. Those are guaranteed rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution. But there’s nothing in that amendment which gives anyone the right to destroy anything.

Yet destruction marches on.

I can almost understand the removal of Confederate statues, even though I don’t agree with the methodology. After all, what country builds monuments to the losing side of a war? But that’s not the point. The destroyers have reached the point where they are destroying just to destroy.


We can see where this is going by what’s being destroyed now. They’ve torn down the statue of a man who was an abolitionist 30 years before the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, as well as a statue of Frederick Douglass, a famous black abolitionist. As far as I’m concerned, that proves this is no longer about black lives matter. Now they’re talking about tearing down statues of all our historic figures and even “white” statues of Jesus. Apparently they think that he was a racist too. But perhaps the one statue that most proves this is about destruction and nothing else is the statue that was torn down of an elk; yes, an elk.

If destroying our nation’s monuments isn’t enough, there’s been an increase in flag burning going on as well. Now I realize that’s nothing new, but it’s a rather clear statement of where the mob is coming from. They don’t see the flag as a symbol of freedom, as it is seen around the world, but one of oppression, following the warped teachings they’ve been hearing.

I recently wrote about the current conditions in our country looking more and more like revolution and this destruction is making it look more and more that way. Tearing down statues, burning books and destroying other things associated with a nation’s history are all part of the Marxist playbook for revolution. In their world view, it is necessary to destroy the past in order to create the future. Perhaps that’s because they don’t have anything better to offer.

Sadly, many leftist politicians are unwilling to punish those who are unwilling to take any action towards making these people pay for their criminal actions or even put an end to the wanton destruction. Worse than that, it seems like some of them are even applauding those who are breaking the law. Isn’t that what the mayor of Seattle did with CHOP?

This sort of support is only emboldening the mob, giving them more reason to keep destroying and demanding more and more of society in general. It is convincing them they are right and that they can get whatever they want.

Let’s Keep it in Perspective

In reality, the mob that I’m talking about is a small percentage of our overall population. Even so, they currently wield a big stick and they’re using it very effectively. They’ve learned the lessons of political correctness and previous work by the black lives matter movement and are using that to allow the tail to wag the dog.

What do I mean by that? I mean that this small group of people is dictating what major corporations, cities and even society is doing. They are setting the standard which everyone else must meet and they’re doing it through threats and violence.

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This is strangely reminiscent of the NAZI party’s Brownshirts, their personal army of rabble-rousers. Few pay any attention to this group, but the Sturmabteilung were the NAZI party’s “paramilitary arm,” otherwise known as “thugs.” Their official function was to act as guards at NAZI rallies and assemblies, but they also disrupted the meetings of other political parties and were busy intimidating everyone from trade unions to Jews. Eventually, they were disbanded, but only to be replaced by the SS, which should give you a pretty good idea of how squeaky clean they were.

Historically, intimidation has been an effective tool used by many in politics. We even have it in our own history. The “shoulder strikers” of the mid-19th century were often employed by politicians to intimidate election officials, their opponents, and businesses, all in an effort to get the vote to go their way.

That’s a whole lot more similar to what’s going on today than most people realize. The current mob isn’t changing the culture at the ballot box, at least not yet; they’re changing it by threatening companies and politicians to meet their demands. Failure to heed those demands can lead to violence, financial ruin, and destruction.

I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that this isn’t accidental; nor is it spontaneous. Just like back when the Black Lives Matter movement started, there have apparently been advertisements, soliciting to hire paid agitators. The most likely culprit behind that movement is George Soros, the far-left billionaire who has made it his mission to bring down America. Somehow, it always seems to come out that he’s funding every anti-American movement and group out there.

Coincidentally (yeah, right… some coincidence), Soros also funds the Democrat Party, and just about every Democrat candidate there is, the more radically left, the better. At the same time, he spends millions of dollars trying to suppress the Republican Party and anyone who has a conservative message and a platform to voice it.

Just as coincidentally, the far-left politicians are the same ones who are supportive of the anarchist message of ANTIFA. In other words, they are supporting a terrorist movement, which is using violence to bring down American institutions, American history, traditional American values, and traditional American culture. They’re just using the current Black Lives Matter protests as camouflage. Like Rahm Emmanuel, former mayor of Chicago said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Where’s this All Going?

If I can add another coincidence in here, which really isn’t a coincidence, all of this is happening at the same time that there’s a concerted effort to silence conservative voices. Granted, that’s not anything new. Political correctness has always been about silencing conservative voices. You either parrot the PC message or you get called out and cut off.

But the efforts to silence Republican and conservative voices are increasing all the time. A large part of the reason why the president is always tweeting is that that’s about the only way he can make sure that his message gets out to his followers, without being corrupted by the left-wing’s media lapdogs. They have become so good at misquoting his words, that they can now outright lie about them with a straight face. He could say “black lives matter” and they’d turn it into “kill the blacks.”

We now have a situation where Facebook is censoring the president’s posts and having them “fact-checked” by people who compare them to the New York Times. If they don’t agree with what the Times, a clearly leftist publication, says on some topic, those posts are marked as “untrue.”

Many people are seeing this as an effort to win the November election, but they’re being a bit to short-sighted. Those on the left aren’t just interested in winning the next election; they’re not even interested in winning every election. They’re only interested in total control. That’s their end game.

Talk to any strong Democrat and they’ll gleefully tell you that the Republican Party is going down. That’s what they want. Hey, I might not like the Democrat Party and what they stand for, but that doesn’t mean I think we should eliminate them. Our country needs to have at least two strong political parties, and it just so happens that we only have two. Neither is indispensable.

Communist China has one political party and look where it’s led them. The same can be said for the former Soviet Union. Perhaps they were a bit more hypocritical about it, as they still had elections. But there was only one party on the ballot you could vote for. It really made election day exciting.

When there’s only one party, the country falls into the trap of that famous quote about absolute power. Yet there are those who want just that. We’ve got them on our side too, but there are a whole lot more of them on the other side.

With the left in full out conservative suppression mode, it really questions the ability of any Republican candidate to win in the fall. That’s a scary prospect when you think about it. The way things are going right now, if the left ever manages to gain total control of our nation’s government, as they did in former President Obama’s first term, there’s no saying what they will do. But I’ll tell you this; they’re probably going to work overtime to make sure that whatever they do can’t ever be undone.

The other thing they’ll probably do is try to make it impossible for Republicans to ever regain power. They’ve already floated a number of proposals which will put them in permanent control, including immigration amnesty, vote by mail, and stacking the Supreme Court. They want their way and they aren’t going to allow anything to stop them.

Taking it to the Next Step

Kicking Republicans out of power and keeping them out of power isn’t all of it. Not by any means. During the last few years, the far-left wing of the Democrat Party has gained tremendous power. They have made it increasingly clear that their goal is to turn the United States into another socialist country. That will soon be followed by the United States becoming a failed socialist country.

They say that the hardest thing to kill is a bad idea and socialism sure seems to prove that point. It is being taught in our “institutes of higher learning” (almost a parody) and talked about fondly by the “intellectual elite.” Any time anyone brings up the fact that socialism has never worked, they brush it off, saying that “nobody has done it right before.”

Perhaps the reason for that is that socialism can’t be done right. To do so requires perfect people, who are totally unselfish and willing to give their lives for the collective. But we humans aren’t like that; not even those who are trying to push socialism down our collective throats. They’re perhaps the worst of all because each and every one of them is interested in pushing socialism for what they can get out of it, whether that be some financial benefit or political power.

One of socialism’s biggest errors is that it doesn’t give anyone any incentive to do better. You can’t get paid more for doing more, so why bother? That one thing is enough to cause socialism to fail. Without anyone being given any incentive to do more, society can’t move ahead. People need their needs met, but they also need to know that they have an opportunity to better their own lives.

Should the more socialist wing of the Democrat Party ever gain control, it will be the end of the United States as we know it. Oh, it might still exist in name, but that’s it. All the technological advances that our country has been known for and all the wealth we have generated will become a thing of the past. Without the ability to start a business, build something for ourselves and better our own lives, people will stop putting forth the effort. We, just as many other countries have done before, will fall.

Just Let Me Say…

The United States isn’t perfect. We have our flaws. We have a checkered past. And we still make mistakes today. But this is the greatest country the world has ever spawned. Even with all our failures, we are the most altruistic country in history. We are the ones who run to help, whenever there is a need. We are the ones who protect the underdog and cheer him on. We are the police of the world and rightly so.

Maybe it’s time for people to stop concentrating on the bad that this country has done and start looking at the good once again. I’m not talking about ignoring the bad. No, I believe in learning from our mistakes. But it’s hard to have pride in a country when you don’t see the good that it has done.

When I listen to Black Lives Matter and others on the left, I hear a common thread. It’s the same thread that’s calling for the destruction of our monuments. That thread is that this country is all bad; it’s never done anything good; in fact, we’re somehow guilty for everything bad that has ever happened, anywhere in the world. No wonder they want to destroy our past and our heritage; they don’t understand what it is.

That’s the mob which wants to rule. They want the rest of us to bow to their ideas of who we are; ignoring history, except those parts they can use to make our country look bad. Well, I for one won’t bow. I’ll admit we’re not perfect, but rather than using that as an excuse to destroy, I’d much rather use it as an excuse to build. One thing that has made the history of the United States unique is that we have always improved. That’s what needs to come of this, not wanton destruction and mob rule.